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Math is for everybody.


My Approach

Math is for everybody. I offer guided, individualized math instruction using Making Math RealTM strategies that make math accessible to all learners. My focus is on building a concrete model of a concept and working systematically and incrementally to the abstract (numbers) procedure level (which is where almost all math programs start!) using a multi-sensory approach. I avoid the "just do this" approach; teaching tricks, short cuts and rote memorization of facts and steps doesn't build an understanding of what the underlying math means and students often end up stuck in a loop of confusion and forgetting. When procedures are connected to what makes the math real, every student is capable of math success, regardless of processing style. I offer powerful solutions for students of all abilities. 

Multisensory math instruction including color coding

* All classes are held via Zoom. *


Individualized Math Instruction 


Presentation of material is incremental and systematic; each level provides connections for the next. The goal is to develop full integration of the concept with the procedure so the student understands the why of math, not just the how.

Instruction can range from the full, intensely structured incrementation to select increments as needed to achieve grade level success or acceleration.


As concepts are taught, the student uses their visual, auditory, and motor processes simultaneously. This strengthens learning by accessing the three sensory processes at the same time. We achieve this through the use of manipulatives, color coding and specific language. 


Fluency with the math facts is a critical tool for all future math content.  I am available to teach full math content instruction or specific math skill development:

  • Multiplication and division facts: use of a mental organizer to develop automaticity (this is not rote memorization). 

  • Addition and subtraction facts

  • Multi-digit multiplication

  • Long division

  • Fractions 

  • Decimals

  • Place value

  • Word problems

  • Geometry

  • Pre-algebra

  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

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